The new way to order & pay.

Contactless payments from any device.

Just chat and pay.

Re-thinking hospitality. Introducing an assistant who can order and collect payment using: Apple pay, Google pay, Venmo, or credit/debit. 

Who we serve


Restaurants can offer their customers a one stop shop via SMS. Take your entire business digital.


Let's make the hospitality industry a lot smarter. Engage your guests in a personalized chatbot experience.


The most sanitary way for your customers to pay. No credit cards, no signatures, no paper receipts.

Key Features
No hardware or apps required.

Digital wallet

ChatPay allows customers to pay with any of the following: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Debit / Credit.

QR Code Activated

Customers scan, browse the menu and check out when they're ready.


Customers receive payment notifications, reward points, and new promotions via SMS.
Just text and pay.


Keep tabs on what's being ordered, new vs returning customers, and what people are chatting about.


Enable a branded web-based assistant in minutes. Works with any website and can be activated by QR Code.

Inventory dashboard

Upload your product's description, price and images and watch as your chatbot learns your menu.